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29.12.2016: See some brand-new Space Shuttle screenshots from a test flight in the Shuttle blog

7.12.2016: The Flightgear Space Shuttle Manual - Deluxe Edition is available in the bookstore

18.11.2016: Read about Earthview, a framework to generate stunning visuals of the planet from orbit!

8.11.2016: Tons of new material on the Space Shuttle project - including a brand-new Flight Manual!

11.4.2016: Take a look at the new section on invented words and explore a richly worked-out fantasy world! Read more...

10.3.2016: Revised design, thanks to some help by Isabelle Golz.

5.2.2016: If you're interested in 3d rendering and GLSL shader coding, see the new work in progress on a tutorial series.

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