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6.12.2018: All Clíodhna episodes are now also available as HD download - read more...

18.11.2018: The third episode Storm Crag of the Clíodhna series is released!

18.9.2018: Updates for the Space Shuttle Flight Manual (standard and deluxe edition) are out - see the bookstore for the download!

26.8.2018: The second episode Truth from Beyond of the Clíodhna series is released!

26.6.2018: The teaser for Clíodhna Episode III 'Storm Crag' is out!

12.5.2018: The first 30 minute long episode 'Blood in the Snow' of our Fantasy movie project is released - check out the YouTube version or get it on DVD!

12.4.2018: Version 0.3 of Low Earth Orbit Targeting is released, allowing to simulate 3rd body perturbations - also see the tutorial series on its usage.

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