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19.12.2020: Production of 'The Troll Hoard' is, after some rough going, finally done. See a few new faces introduced into the cast on the movie's Characters section!

7.10.2020: The third episode of the mini-series A Sword and his Hero is out!

21.9.2020: The teaser for Clíodhna Episode VIII 'The Raven' is out!

24.06.2020: Take a look at the new humorous mini-series A Sword and his Hero - the first two episodes are already on our YouTube Channel!

06.05.2020: The version 0.2 of Numerical Epidemics is available, allowing to simulate various infection containment measures.

01.05.2020: The sixth episode Beltaine King of the Clíodhna series is released! Order the DVD from our bookstore!

26.4.2020: Numerical Epidemics is a new computational tool to simulate the spread of a disease across a regular grid - give it a try if you wonder whether Corona really spreads exponentially!

12.3.2020: The teaser for Clíodhna Episode VII 'The Troll Hoard' is out!

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