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25.04.2022: The sixth episode of the mini-series A Sword and his Hero is out!

8.04.2022: Read about the fay realm - a place of many wonders and the setting of a collection of soon to appear fantasy-stories!

22.01.2022: If you like Fantasy maps, take a look at the new chart of the Spice Islands - I needed some background material as I am writing a pirate story...

11.01.2022: Version 0.3 of the Worldbuilder project is available with Tutorials on simulating gas giant moons.

16.12.2021: Version 0.2 of the Worldbuilder project is available with Tutorials on planets in binary star systems.

3.12.2021: After a long pause with the project, the code of the Worldbuilder project is now published, along with a growing tutorial series.

22.11.2021: The teaser for Clíodhna Episode IX 'Samhain' is out!

8.11.2021: The version 0.4 of Numerical Epidemics is available, allowing to simulate the effect of ongoing vaccination campaigns.

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