Privacy statement

What kind of data is collected when you visit this site?

Unless you specifically enter it, no data of any personal kind is obtained. General access statistics (hits per page, data volume, browser type, country of request origin, time spent on page,...) are collected by our hosting provider and are available to us, but they can not be used to identify a particular user. No cookies are used throughout the site, so we do not know whether you have visited here before or not.

What about paypal buttons or the newsletter?

You are asked to enter personal data on few occasions - when you want to purchase something in the bookstore, or when you want to subscribe to the newsletter. In both cases, 3rd party applications handle the process.

All automated payments run through Paypal. As part of the payment process, we get a transaction record of the data you entered (email, mailing address) via email. This transaction record email is kept largely to see who can rightfully ask for access credentials in case of e.g. a forgotten password for the password-protected download area. The data is not otherwise stored, evaluated or processed.

The mailing list is provided by Mailchimp and here we also get to see the data you enter (email and, though not required, mail address if you enter it) via our admin access. You can un-subscribe from the newsletter yourself at any time if you do not wish to get emails any more, and on request we will delete your email address from the data base as well - in this case as well as for all questions and concerns, please write to the webmaster.

What do we do with the data that is collected?

Apart from what is mentioned above, basically nothing. We do not cross-reference the lists (e.g. you can not get into the newsletter database via making a Paypal payment), we do not sell them to anyone, they can not be hacked from the site as they're stored with 3rd party providers which have much stronger security measures than we could provide and we do not try to assemble profiles of you. When we collect personal data, it is for a specific purpose, and you have to explicitly agree with this purpose and we use the data for this purpose only.

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