Clíodhna Episode 6 - Beltaine King

Released: April 30th, 2020
Duration: 41:00

Cast and Crew

Clíodhna         Katharina Golz
Rórdán         Thorsten Renk
Caoimhe         Doris Münster
Líadan         Ronja Tuovinen
        Marie (voice)
Bregon         Teemu Kalliokoski
        Max (voice)
Ailbhe         Doris Münster
Rathnait         Aino Renk
Treasa         Riina Renk
Úna         Laura Golz
Master Bran         Pekka Ahonen
        Reinhard Kuhnert (voice)
Siofra         Isabelle Golz
Tighernán         Unto Klen
Eoghan         Jani Pirkkalainen
Tadhg         Hiski Toikkanen
Cathair         Aapo Salonen
Caoileann         Emma Ojanen
        Christa Breuer (voice)
Torchbearer         Andrea Turto
Villagers         Katri Alatalo
        Pirkko-Liisa Ärje
        Matias Erho
        Miikka Iivonen
        Eedit Jokinen
        Ellen Jokinen
        Elsi Jokinen
        Juho Jokinen
        Pirkko Klen
        Piritta Kohvakka
        Veera Koskela
        Lotta Köykkä
        Anssi Lahtinen
        Nea Levaniemi
        Minna Liukko
        Sakarias Liukko
        Sirkku Mennala
        Rita Miettinen
        Aaron Muhiya
        Aira Muhiya
        Risto Nieminen
        Tarja Nieminen
        Milla Peltoniemi
        Raija Siltala
        Sirkka-Liisa Sounvieri
        Henrietta Turto
        Tuukka Turto
        Sara Alexandra Uusitalo
        Emilia Virtanen
        Sara Virtanen
        Virppi Vuorinen
voice acting and ambience         Christiane's garden party
        Johannes Beck
        Christa Breuer
        Burkhard Kreutz
        Dani Miyazaki
        Georg Sensenbach
        Christina Thomas
        Jan Velten
        the other Jan
story         Thorsten Renk
director         Katharina Golz
camera         Thorsten Renk
aerial camera operation         Thorsten Renk
editing         Thorsten Renk
special effects         Thorsten Renk
sound supervision         Thorsten Renk
sound design         Katharina Bär
        Thorsten Renk
music         Damiano Baldoni
        Alexander Nakarada
        Kevin McLeod
        Luna Bujalewsky
casting         Katharina Golz
mass scene coordination         Katharina Golz
makeup         Katharina Golz
hair dresser         Marjaana Kokki
        Katharina Golz


After the hard winter, spring has finally returned to the valley and the villagers are ready to celebrate Beltaine, the feast of fertility. Líadan and Bregon, a young couple, use the occastion to be wed in a Handfasting ceremony, while Rórdán has been chosen as this year's Beltaine King - for a day, he will be treated like a king and his word will be law in the village. Yet, the village elders seem bent on involving him on plans of their own, while Rórdán himself is worried about becoming the counterpart of the witch - or rather the Moon Goddess - in a nocturnal magical ritual - which then develops into a quite unexpected direction...

Rórdán being hailed as Beltaine King.

The Beltaine ritual takes an unexpected turn for Rórdán

Clíodhna conducts a Handfasting ritual

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