Hiiden Kutsu (Call of the Hiisi)

Ever since I can remember, I've had those strange dreams...
I dream of a wild, trackless land.
Sometimes I'm flying, sometimes walking, sometimes just sitting and watching...
But now, after my fourteenth winter, something has changed - they seem more real now.

And more sinister.

In a small village belonging to the domain of a nobleman, Aava, a young girl, keeps waking from dreams which show her a vision of a land quite unlike her everyday experience of hardship, toil and disappointment. She feels almost as if she is called to somewhere else - but she is not the first in her family: Years ago, her father died, being drawn away from the village into the wilderness by the Hiisi-spirit.

Now that the dreams get more intense, she starts wondering. Is she seeing memories from a past life as her best friend Kylli thinks? Or will the Hiisi claim her like he did her father as her mother Ritva fears? And can the steel talisman made by Terho the village smith protect her?

Or is it something entirely different that is happening to her?


Our first teaser shows a glimpse of how the atmosphere of the movie will be:

A new project

Hiiden Kutsu is HakalaFilm's project after the fantasy-series Clíodhna - the Witch of Gleann an Phéine and we plan to begin shooting in autumn 2023. Our idea is to apply all that we have learned doing the Clíodhna-series and bring our way of movie-productions to the next level.

The movie will be produced in Finnish with local actors, and the crew will generally be separate from the cast (something we were not able to do previously for lack of manpower), allowing more time and care for technical aspects. Also, a fair year of preparation allows ample time for doing research in fitting historical costumes, finding suitable locations and procuring all the equipment we need.

Unlike Clíodhna, which is a rather celtic-themed fantasy, Hiiden Kutsu has clear themes from Finnish and Sami mythology (the Hiisi for instance is a rather complex and hard to translate concept) and shamanism. It is set in a not quite (but close) historical medieval Finnish past. The filming locations are Pyhä-Luosto, Salla and Oulanka National Parks in Lapland and various places in Central Finland.

More information

The project is done by HakalaFilm in collaboration with Korpilahden Elokuvapaja ry.

For the time being can follow our Facebook Group to track the progress of the project including preparation like costume-building or location-scouting. Also the Instagram account of Korpilahden Elokuvapaja might - among other things - show impressions from what is actually filmed.

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