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Everyone deserves a weird hobby - ours happens to be movie-making. At some point, the joy of watching DVDs turned into a 'Why don't we try that ourselves?' So we started and founded the independent studio HakalaFilm.

HakalaFilm operates on a no-profit, all volunteer base - whatever help we get, be it actors, voice acting, sound design or production assistance people provide because they enjoy doing it with us, and similarly whatever locations we use are provided to us for no cost. All HakalaFilm productions can be watched on our YouTube Channel. To cover the (very real) cost we have for equipment and costumes, these productions are also for sale on DVD.

HakalaFilm is supported by Korpilahden Elokuvapaja ry (which is a registered association) as an umbrella organization which helps by providing resources to supported movie projects.

Currently, HakalaFilm is mainly involved in producing fantasy movies - our main effort are two series:

Clíodhna - the Witch of Gleann an Phéine

Our main project is the series Clíodhna - the Witch of Gleann an Phéine. It is set in a celtic-inspired world in a valley far in the North where the magic powers of the land are every-present, humans keep the old rituals alive, spirits roam the forest and an unconsidered step may quickly lead into the otherworld. Here, a young witch needs to get to know the villagers and protect them - sometimes from the consequences of their own actions - while learning to deal with the ancient powers of the valley herself.

The series is planned as 12 episodes, each ranges in length between 30 and 45 minutes. The production is relatively involved with a cast of up to 40 people. Read more...

A Sword and his Hero

The humorous series A Sword and his Hero is based on a collection of short stories by Sebastian Wolf. It follows the adventures of a young man who aspires to be a hero and one day finds a magic sword falling into his lap (or rather, on his head). But what he did not expect is that the sword can talk - and insists in teaching him to be a hero by telling him what to do!

The series consists of short 5 - 7 minute episodes which are only loosely connected. Read more...

Hiiden Kutsu

Hiiden Kutsu (The Call of the Hiisi) is a fantasy-movie set in the context of Finnish and Sami mythology - a young girl grows up in a village having strange dreams that call her to a wild and quite different land. As of October 2022 we are working on the early stages of the project and expect to begin production in autumn 2023.


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