Science projects


Below are some science projects and simulation codes - ranging from professional applications to curious investigations of interesting phenomena.


YaJEM is a Monte-Carlo generator written in FORTRAN for the in-medium evolution of Quantum Chromodynamics parton showers. It is based on the PYSHOW algorithm which is part of the PYTHIA package and modifies the kinematics of propagating states based on user-specified transport coefficients Read more...


The worldbuilder is a C++ simulation package under development, intended to give a reasonable idea of how the conditions on a fictional exoplanet would be like, e.g. in terms of an orbital simulation, temperature distributions, radiation levels on the surface, structure of the atmosphere, atmospheric transport phenomena, gross weather patterns etc. Read more...

LEO targeting

The Low Earth Orbit (LEO) targeting software is a numerical tool to solve and visualize the orbit of a spacecraft in a realistic non-spherical gravity field and to compute orbital maneuvering burns. It also provides the capability to fit burn solutions to a number of constraints and hence find the optimal maneuver automatically. Primarily it aims to support the Space Shuttle project, but the scope is generally wider. Read more...

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