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World creation

As far as I can remember, I have enjoyed creating stories and working out my own invented worlds. The aim always has been to make them real enough to step in to explore them without being bothered by contradictions.

For instance, there's the question of trade, frequent both in SciFi and Fantasy worlds. But what do people trade? What goods does one region produce that another wants? How much does the price grow in the transport? Would it be more economical to transport the goods by ship or across the land? How do the natural barriers then determine why one nation thrives and the other does not? It's working out such issues patiently which make world-building such a rich experience for me. The joy is in finally seeing it all come together.

Looking at Tolkien, to create a world so rich that everyone wants to be in, it pays off to understand what dialect of the language of Mordor a particular orc speaks. Whether all these details need to be told to the reader is a different question, but they need to be there in the first place.

So, feel invited to explore Atanju's world if you enjoy richly worked-out fantasy and some of its stories.

Atanju's World

Atanju's world (named after the main character of a story cycle set in this world) is a richly worked out fantasy world in which ancient magic can be found dormant in the lands, but is a rare gift in humans. While intelligent non-human races exist, they're rarely ever encountered. For the most part, it is a world for adventurers and explorers, with thriving feudal kingdoms, mighty trade empires, declining dominions remembering past glory, remote places forgotten behind blistering deserts and sky-high mountains. Read more...

The Atanju cycle

The Atanju cycle tells the story of a young magician who spent her childhood in the northern ice wastes apprenticed to a shaman, but left her home to end up in the southern lands around Llaraid. There, in the deep forests and among rugged and mist-shrouded mountain ranges, old magic lingers in the land --- there are forgotten places of power, animal spirits and lost tribes practicing long-forgotten rites, and more than once Atanju finds herself drawn into a web of dangerous sorcery.

Most of the stories are in German, but some I have translated into English. Currently you can enjoy the short story The Hill of Mhordainn in the bookstore in both German and English.

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