Clíodhna HD resolution downloads

For those who want to view the Clíodhna series in the full resolution it was filmed (1080x720) or can't use a DVD but still want to support us, we are now able to offer a download option of our master files from which the DVD version is produced.

The file format of the video content is MP4 (under Win10 the files are tested to play fine without the need to install additional codecs). The (English) subtitles are provided in SRT format which is a standard subtitle format recognized by media players.

The download includes the whole content of the DVD including outtakes and any extras. All content is separated by by DVD chapter, i.e. there are 10-20 video files to download and the corresponding subtitles (note that not all chapters have spoken text and subtitles). The file size is large - episode 3 for instance takes a bit more than 9 GB to download.

Like for the DVD version, we ask 10 Euro for the download (no shipping in this case). The download license includes the right to e.g. build your own BlueRay, merge the video files into a single stream or bake the subtitles into the video - whatever makes your viewing experience better - but not the right to remix the files or re-distribute.

After completing the payment, you'll automatically be forwarded to a page with the download link and access credentials (if this does not work for any reason, please contact me immediately).

Purchase the HD download for Episode 1 'Blood in the Snow':

Purchase the HD download for Episode 2 'Truth from Beyond':
Purchase the HD download for Episode 3 'Storm Crag':

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