Clíodhna Episode 2 - Truth from Beyond

Released: August 26th, 2018
Duration: 38:14

Cast and Crew

Clíodhna         Katharina Golz
Rórdán         Thorsten Renk
Siofra         Isabelle Golz
Cian         Murf Köhler
Caradoc         Carl Golz
Rathnait         Aino Renk
Treasa         Riina Renk
Úna         Laura Golz
Ailbhe         Doris Münster
Ailbhe's servant         himself
Fionnula         Christiane Golz
Siofra's husband         Murf Köhler
        Cédric Brunk (voice)
Barmaid         Isabelle Golz
        Bianca Bastian (voice)
Villagers         Eevi Hakala
        Emma Ojanen
        Kerstin Padelat
        Miika Lehmuskoski
        Jani Pirkkalainen
        Anssi Lahtinen
Villager voices         Cédric Brunk
        Lukas Rohrmüller
story         Thorsten Renk
director         Katharina Golz
camera         Thorsten Renk
music         Damiano Baldoni
        Shane Ivers
animal trainer         Doris Münster
casting         Katharina Golz
coordination         Katharina Golz


Spring has come to the valley, and much work needs to be done by everyone. When the village kids interrupt to tell a ghost story after playing down at the brook, Siofra is reluctant to believe them. Yet when she goes herself to investigate after the day's chores, she is scared away by an apparition of a lost soul. Distressed, she confides in Clíodhna, the village's witch, who uses her magic to conjure up the soul. Yet this only poses another mystery - no one among the deceased villagers meets the description of what Clíodhna saw, and so Rórdán sets out to uncover a secret - a secret someone in the village would rather want buried forever.

Siofra down at the brook

Clíodhna conjures up the lost soul

Rórdán questions other villagers

The movie

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