YaJEM is a Monte-Carlo (MC) generator for the in-medium evolution of QCD parton showers. It is based on the PYSHOW algorithm which is part of the PYTHIA package and modifies the kinematics of propagating states based on user-specified transport coefficients.

YaJEM is (intentionally) not an event generator for complete hard events! Read the description of the YaJEM toolchain to understand why this makes it orders of magnitude faster.


YaJEM is based on the modified Fortran code of the PYSHOW algorithm of the PYTHIA 6 package. Download the YaJEM package from the link below, save in a subdirectory of your choice and unpack. The result should be a manual, two Fortran files yajem.f and pythia_yajem.f and a data file profile.dat. Please refer to the manual for further instructions.

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