The highlands of Bhatar

Like a giant barrier, the highlands of Bhatar emerge from the coastal plains of Erissa and separate them from the Great Desert. Clouds from the sea of storms pile high against the mountain ranges and keep Erissa's climate wet and the eastern part of the range snow-covered. In contrast, the central highlands and the western ranges are dry and dusty places, for the most part sparsely inhabited.


The highest peaks of the highlands reach just up to six thousand meters close to Rihii. The central highland plane is tilted - coming from the North, the ascent to the city of Bhatar is a full three thousand and five hundred meters above desert floor, while down south where the great falls of Sammtho drain almost all water from the highland in a mighty cascade down into lake Kaitsi, the elevation difference is just above a thousand meters to the coastal plains. Despite its remote location, Bhatar sees a steady stream of goods and travelers passing through, as it is located right on the Eastern Caravan Route which climbs the plateau from the north, joins the Bhatavinan stream at the city of Lheris and follows it all the way to Sammtho whee it descends into Erissa. Usually, traders do not bring the desert-hardened camels onto the plateau but change for mule teams or hire ships to utilize the river.

While the whole nation profits immensely from the trade passing through, it's own economy is limited to ore mining in a few places, very little agriculture close to Rihii and otherwise large heards of goats roaming the dry and dusty highland plains.

After bloody unification wars hundreds of years past, Bhatar now is a theocracy nominally govered by a god-king, who however hardly ever makes a public appearance. Where the actual power resides is different from city to city - while in Rihii the temple priests govern the day to day affairs of the people, Sammtho is a liberal place in which a governor and a city council hold the real power, whereas in Thep the owners of the major ore mines are most influential. However, being so inaccessible, the kingdom need not fear an invasion and hence has no large army besides the local guardsmen.

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