The Ea

Stretching from the Inner Sea to the icy shores of the Frozen Sea, the countless isles of the archipelago known as the Ea range from forest-covered hilly country in the South to barren, volcanic wastelands in the far north where the water is frozen a fair share of the year. The inhabitants of the Ea are shepherds, fishermen or make a meager living as farmers, but above else they're all able seamen.

The Ea

Sailors from the Ea can often be found in the Inner Sea - both as traders, offering furs, walrus teeth or gemstones in exchange for the riches of southern nations, and as raiders. The longships from the North are feared by Inner Sea navies - they disappear as quickly as they appear, and it is rumored that the sea-shamans of the North are able to conjure up suitable winds and fog.

Looking back on a seven thousand year recorded history, the Ea is among the oldest nations, and their singers have recorded events while the Kyran empire spread its demonic influence over much of the world till it was finally destroyed in internal struggles, while the Arian island nation rose to dominancy on the Inner Sea and also while the Arians slowly retreated from the affairs of other nations. Yet life in the Ea seems to continue largely unchanged, as if time does not quite run the same way here as it does in other places.

The continental shores are, unlike the islands, only sparesely populated, and periodically see an influx of settlers from other Inner Sea nation in search of a better life away from kings and nobles. And in truth, life is harsh on the northern shores, but by and large everyone is his own master here.

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