The Kingdom of Gondred

Located in the fairly cool and rainy climate of the northern Inner Sea, Gondred is a feudal kingdom of meadows, forests and swamps, stretching from the rocky coast of the Inner Sea towards the End Reaches. It is a nation of modest riches - there is ore mining in the mountains, plenty of timber and opportunities for farming, but the true wealth of Gondred lies in the uncounted sheep that graze the land.


Terred The rocky coast offers little in terms of good harbours for trade, so only the coastal cities of Gondred and Erred participate in the sea trade, and the two minor harbours, Vennsted and Lendlug, are only suitable for fishing boats and small coastal traders. Inland, the city of Terred, an old hill fortress that only the full engineering ingenuity of the Arians managed to conquer in past days, dominates the the river and the overland roads. Kerst is the major city close to the mountains - it is both the center of ore mining and a summer retreat for rich nobles who own residences overlooking the lowland.

The Gondrish king resides in the city of Gondred, but in truth the power is more with the local nobles - the counts of the various cities, and the barons and knights holding titles to the land. While frowned upon in nations like Aria, the Eloran Empire or the City States, serfdom is still very much practiced in Gondred, and many Gondrish people seen in the rest of the world have in fact left their home country precisely to escape that fate. It is long since another power has dared to invade Gondred after the Arians - the armoured knights, once summoned by the king, are among the most formidable military forces in existence, and there is hardly any other army which could hope to beat them in open terrain - except perhaps the Eloran legions.

In modern days, Gondred seems a tranquil nation, but it has a rather different history. Once it was, because of its rich natural resources, a colony of the Arian empire, and to date the then introduced Edonite religion with its mighty temples and vast monasteries dominates the life of the people. But it was here that Edonite monks, free from the oversights of their superiors in Aria, started to delve into old scrolls recovered from the long-gone Kyran empire and re-discovered the art of summoning demons from the netherworld. Fur hundreds of years, there have been black magic circles in Gondred, and not even the most dedicated attempts of the nobility to end this practice have succeeded.

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