Clíodhna Episode 1 - Blood in the Snow

Released: May 11th, 2018
Duration: 29:16

Cast and Crew

Clíodhna         Katharina Golz
Rórdán         Thorsten Renk
Fionnula         Christiane Golz
Villagers         Doris Münster
        Aino Renk
        Riina Renk
        Laura Golz
story         Thorsten Renk
director         Katharina Golz
camera         Thorsten Renk
music         Damiano Baldoni
animal trainer         Kaisa Mantsinen


The young witch Clíodhna recently moved into the northern valley of Gleann an Phéine when she sensed the impending death of her predecessor Fionnula. There she finds herself burdened with the responsibility for the valley - both its human inhabitants and those from the otherworld. While she has not yet gotten to know the villagers, her powers are already needed when the appearance of a lone and bloodthirsty wolf terrorizes people. Rórdán, the village's bailiff, tries to convince her to investigate and after some initial doubts, she sets out to discover the secret behind the attacks.

Rórdán tells of the wolf attacks

Clíodhna follows the tracks of the wolf

Clíodhna prepares to look into the otherworld

The movie

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The DVD edition - chapter selection menu

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