In a similar position to its northern neighbour Erissa, in the water-rich and fertile coastal plains between the highlands of Bhatar and the Sea of Storms, lavished by tropical sun and blessed with rich silver mines in its southern parts near Virath, by all accounts the kingdom of Moih should have enjoyed great prosperity - and yet in reality it is close to being a failed state.

The kingdom is only barely held together from the capital of Moih where a dynasty of a different ethnicity lords over and despises the natives, the Motemba. Away from their direct influence, local princes and nobles are largely free to govern as they see fit, and the ancient and once glorious trade city of Hanassar has even fallen into the hands of a handful of warlords and is a port of call for pirates and smugglers rather than honest traders. This has led to a near-complete cessation of all sea trade with cities further south, and more discontent of the local powers with the king. Partially this centers on the hill-fortification of Morunga, the ancient capital of the region before the royal dynasty won the kingship.

Most of the area of Moih is covered by dense, tropical rainforest, in which a plethora of rare plants and animals can be found - many of Moih's trade goods are hence drugs, pigments, scents, spices and rare woods. Close to Dugru, there's even a patch of fern-forest, not found anywhere else in the world. South of it is Lake Nunurta, which has major rivers feeding into it, but no visible drain at all, and it is a mystery what happens to the water. Most agriculture is done in the open northern plains, around the cities of Ruanna and Iscah, where a different kind of people, closer to the Erissans than to the Motemba, makes their living.

Between Hanassar and Moih lie the cliffs of Utuna, where legend places the home of the magician Nunara before it sank into the sea. Whether this is true or not, the whole region is a maze of shallows and rocks and has to be circumnavigated by any ship. It is rumored that there is still powerful magic to be found, and that sometimes strage lights can be seen out over the water.


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